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Why EP Lighting

EP Lighting is the new face of LED lighting in Australia. Our objective is to make lighting upgrades easy & affordable while giving our customers peace of mind when purchasing high quality products designed for the Australian market.

Our Experience

The EP Lighting Team have been have been involved in delivering the highest quality energy efficient lighting technologies into the Australian and South Pacific commercial and residential markets since 2006. We are a vertically integrated organisation delivering products from concept through to design, manufacturing, logistics, sales and installation. With the experience of delivering over one million energy efficient products into the Australian market, at EP Lighting we produce products that best suit you and the Australian market.

Our Team

Eplighting is based on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. The EP Lighting Team is headed up by Stuart Edgley. Stuart has been involved in the energy efficienicy lighting technology space since 2006. He is suported by James in sales, Jo in marketing and Max in warehousing. 


EP Lighting designs and manufactures the highest possible quality LED technologies. We use only premium componentry, including A Grade Chip technology. All products are produced with stringent quality assurance protocols in place and are tested against the highest possible Global LED standards.


Our logistics team come with years of experience in freight distribution; both domestically and internationally. We offer fast delivery door to door. All freight is digitally tracked to ensure your delivery arrives on time, every time.

Our promise to you

Through our experience in design, manufacturing, distribution and installation, EP Lighting can stand by its strong Warranty policies, including our 10-day money back guarantee, ensuring you ‘peace of mind’.


EP has been a prominent player in abatement of greenhouse gas emissions and in the introduction of renewable energy technologies to residential and SME markets in Australia since 2006 including:


2006: NSW Greenhouse Gas Abatement Scheme partnering in the distribution and installation of over 15 million CFLs 


2007: Sales, product promotion, sampling, and installation of energy efficient products into households and SMEs 


2008: Victorian, Queensland and South Australian carbon abatement markets sourcing and supplying over 7 million CFLs 


2009: Dedicated supplier of energy efficient products into national abatement markets


2010: Introduced Solar PV systems and components

Developed Energy Saving Powerboard for IT and AV solutions


2011: Commenced manufacture of Energy Saving Powerboards for the Victorian and South Australian abatement schemes


2012: Leading supplier of Energy Saving Powerboards in the Victorian Energy Efficiency Scheme, supplying 1 million units

Introduced and supplied Chimney Seals and Door Seals for the Victorian abatement schemes. Supplied LED lighting solutions into the wholesale, retail and abatement markets


2013: Further expanded EP’s LED light range to include applications to commercial and residential applications


2014: Became a member of the Lighting Council Australia. 

Expanded our commercial lighting offering to include LED shoplights and LED troffers, panels and tubes for T8 fluorescent replacement


2015: Expanded and improved MR16 spotlight offering, specialising in residential halogen replacement markets

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