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Residential Downlight Globes

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General use

Create a new fresh look to your residential home, investment or commercial property with an upgrade into LED lighting. What's more, with the LED Plug and Play for Home series you can do it yourself. Our Plug and Play downlights are the perfect way to upgrade your out of date halogen downlights and is designed for DIY installation. The Plug and Play downlight is a simple lamp replacement. Just remove your existing halogen downlight and replace with your newly purchased LED downlight. For installation instructions refer to the Home installation guide.

There is no need to replace your existing halogen transformer. The Home LED Plug and Play series has been tested across all leading Australian magnetic and electronic transformers. With the distribution of tens of thousands of downlights, you can be assured that your transformer compatibility will be high.

Discliamer: LED Plug and Play for Home series – From time to time your downlight might flicker because of transformer compatibility or dimmer compatibility. For transformer compatibility see transformer compatibility matrix. The LED Plug and Play series has been designed to operate with most types of residential dimmers, however from time to time our downlights may not be compatible.

In this instance, universal and trailing edge dimmers are recommended.


The downlights low power consumption and high light output ensures you save money. With over 80% energy saving compared to a 50W halogen you can expect marked reductions in your energy bill resulting in money back in your pocket.

With annual savings of approximately $27 P/A per light you could be making big savings. Multiply that by 10 downlights and you’re looking at a saving of over $270 alone per year for changing just 10 downlights in your home.

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