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Do I need an electrician?

  • For the Plug and Play and Eplighting Bulb series - there is no need for an electrician. Just follow our 'step by step guide' for installation.
  • For the Luminaire series - you will need to identify if your current downlights are ‘plugged based’ or hard wired. If they are ‘plugged based’ there is no need for an electrician. Just follow our 'step by step guide' for installation. If they are ‘hardwired’ you will require an electrician.

Which type of LED do I need?

  • Just follow our ‘step by step guide' on the home page to navigate this process or call our friendly staff on 1300 940 498 for assistance.

Are the lights dimmable?

  • YES. All Eplighting downlights come with dimmable options.

How bright are your lights?

  • All Eplighting downlights have been designed to replace your incumbent lights and throw a similar, if not more amount of light than a standard halogen downlight. Also see product specifications for clarification on individual products.

How do I install them?

  • Plug and Play – Please see installation instructions.
  • Luminaire
    • Plug based - The luminaire can be installed DIY if your incumbent lights are plug based. This means if your current lights are ‘plugged’ into a power point in the ceiling, then you can install the Luminaire yourself. Pleases see installation instructions.
    • Hardwired – if your incumbent transformers are hardwired then you will require an electrician. To identify this you will need to remove the current downlight fitting and identify if the mains power is plugged directly into the transformer. If it is, an electrician is required.

Can you install the lights for me?

What happens if I try your lights but there is a problem?

  • If you experience a fault with the lights you can return them under you 10 day money back guarantee or contact our support team at support@eplighting.com.au

Why do my lights flicker?

  • Plug and Play series – From time to time, the downlight might flicker because of transformer compatibility or dimmer compatibility issues. For transformer compatibility, see the transformer compatibility matrix. Regarding dimmers, the Plug and Play series has been designed to operate with all types of dimmers. From time to time our Plug and Play will not be compatible. Recommended dimmers are 'Universal' and 'Trailing Edge' dimmers.
  • Luminaire series – Flickering can occur for 2 reasons.
    • Dimmer compatibility, the Luminaire series has been designed to operate with all types of dimmers. From time to time the Luminaire will not be compatible. Recommended dimmers are 'Universal' and 'Trailing Edge' dimmers.
    • Ripple Effect – This is an unusual occurrence created by the energy retailers which is a ripple that is sent across the electrical grid. This ripple can create a flickering effect when your lights are dimmed down low.
  • If you identify flickers please contact support@eplighting.com.au

How long do your LED lamps last?

  • All Eplighting lamps are designed with high quality componentry. Our LED chips have been independently tested by Nata approved laboratories to last for >40,000hrs. External factors can effect this including heat and variations in electrical currents.

What colour lights do I need?

  • Light colours are an individual decision. As a general rule warm white is used in living and dining areas and cool white is used in wet areas such as a kitchen, laundry etc.
  • Warm white (3000K) is a similar colour to traditional halogen downlights. This light has a soft yellow tint which is a traditional choice.
  • Cool white (4000K) is slightly whiter than warm white. This colour is a truer natural colour. Cool white is not the hard white of daylight (6000K) that is often referred to as hospital white. Cool white is a balance between daylight and warm white. This light is considered a more natural light.

Why should I buy EP Lighting lights?

  • The Eplighting team have been designing and manufacturing LED technologies since 2006. Our experience in design and manufacturing guarantees we bring to market the most appropriate product to suit our customer’s needs. Our products are independently tested by the highest authorities and are accredited under the NSW, Victorian and South Australian energy efficiency schemes and the Lighting Council of Australia's SSL Scheme. We have distributed thousands of products across commercial and residential applications enabling us to manufacture the best quality, best suited products for each application.

Do I need to change my transformer?

  • No. The Plug and Play series has been designed to work with most Australian magnetic and electronic transformers. We have developed this compatibility through years of experience in the sales and distribution of Plug and Play products. From time to time Eplighting products will not be compatible with a transformer. If you purchase Eplighting Plug and Play downlights and you find that they are not compatible, you can take advantage of the 10 day money back guarantee for a full refund, including advice on the best next step to achieve a strong LED upgrade outcome. Please see compatibility matrix.

Are my transformers hardwired or plug based?

  • To identify if your downlight halogen transformers are hardwired or plug based you will need to identify this by assessing how the transformer is plugged in. You can do this by pulling out your existing downlight fitting and pulling toward you the downlight cable (12 volt) to see if the transformer is plugged into a power socket or if the mains power is wired directly into the transformer.
  • If the transformer is plugged into a power source you can install your new downlights without an electrician.
  • If your transformers are wired directly into the mains power you will require an electrician.

What is the difference between warm white and cool white?

  • The coolness or warmness of a light generally describes the colour that the light produces. The ‘cooler’ the bulb, the more blue the light produced. On the other side of the scale, a very ‘warm’ light produces a reddish-yellow colour, similar to that of a candle.

How do I know if I have a 70mm or 90mm cut-out?

  • To identify if you have a 70mm or 90mm cut out you will need to measure the distance across the access of your ceiling hole.
  • Alternatively as a general rule you can fit your hand into a 90mm hole but you cannot fit your hand into a 70mm hole.

How do EP Lighting lights save me money?

  • EP Lighting downlights consume >80% less power than traditional 50W halogen downlights. Through these power savings you can expect >80% savings on your energy bills lighting component. For example 1 x 50W halogen = 8 EP Lighting Plug and Play downlights. See calculator* on the home page. (* Calulator is based on a light operating 6 hours a day at 28 cents per kilowatt hour.)

Does using EP Lighting lights reduce the fire risk in homes?

  • Yes. Halogen downlights reach temperatures >200℃, which is a fire hazard. EP Lighting downlights run at 45℃ meaning that they are not a fire hazard and are safe to handle.

Do my EP Lighting lights have a warranty?

  • We offer a 3 year product warranty. If your LED lights fails during this time, return it with proof of purchase for a replacement or refund.

Can I buy EP Lighting lights in stores?

  • No, you cannot buy Eplighting lights in stores. In order for Eplighting to bring you the highest quality products at the most competitive prices, we are a web based company with our head office in Sydney, Australia. You can also like us on Facebook here.

Where do I order and pay for my EP Lighting lights?

  • Simply click on our home page and follow the prompts.
  • We accept MasterCard and Visa
  • Or call direct on 1300 940 498

Can I order a single light?

  • Yes! You can order EP Lighting lights in packs of 1.

When will I get my EP Lighting lights?

  • Allow 1-3 days for orders to metropolitan areas to arrive.
  • Allow 3-7 days for orders to regional areas to arrive.

Colour Changing instructions for TRI-COLOUR LUMINAIRE

  • Turn light in 'ON mode' from wall switch    
  • To change colour turn light 'Off then On' in a fast montion (Less than 4 seconds)
  • This will change the colour of the lamp (warm white, cool light, day light)
  • Repeat the process to change colour
  • Once the desired colour has been selected, leave the light on for a period greater thean 20 seconds to activate to memory function
  • The downlights can now function as normal maintaining the chosen colour
  • If at any time one of the downlights is out of sync, you can reset. To reset, switch lights on and leave for a period of 5-9 seconds and turn off. Downlights should now revert to same colour when turned back on. You may need to select your colour option again. See point 1 above.  


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