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Why Use LED Lights in the Office


Obviously, offices need to be lit – but not just by any lighting system. Office buildings need to be equipped with lighting products that don’t just illuminate work spaces, but also keep employees productive, and the company’s bottom line protected.

Aside from natural lighting, there’s one more effective office lighting system that helps businesses achieve all these: LED lights.

Uisng LEDs in a Business Environment

Here’s why it’s worth replacing your traditional light fixtures with high quality LED bulbs in Australia.

Enjoy energy savings

There are plenty of ways businesses can reduce their electricity bills, and one of these is upgrading to energy efficient lights. According to Energy Efficiency Exchange, replacing traditional incandescent and halogen lamps with energy efficient lights such as LED will result to up to 75%-90% energy savings for businesses. This is because LEDs consume only a fraction of energy that traditional lamps use to produce the same light output.

LEDs are the healthier choice

Unlike conventional light sources, LEDs do not produce infrared radiation or harmful UV rays. They also do not emit excessive heat, or contain pollutants such as mercury or lead. This means no matter where you install LED bulbs in your office, you can be confident that your employees and property will be safe.

LEDs are versatile

LED bulbs can be used for nearly any office space, from workstations to larger conference rooms. They can also be controlled with the use of dimmers to match the needs of the users.

Improve employees’ performance

Effective office lighting is crucial to your employee’s productivity as it affects their health, mood, and over-all well-being. By installing a system that is flicker, hum, and glare-free, controllable, and offers better light distribution, creating a workplace that positively influences the mood, well-being as well as the performance of employees is possible.

Enhance your brand reputation

Taking a small step such as switching to energy efficient lights can make a big difference to your brand’s reputation as it lets you cut down your carbon emissions; thereby, reducing your impact to the environment.

With these impressive advantages, there’s no reason why your office should remain in the dark by continuing to use traditional, inefficient lighting.

If you’re in the market for effective office lighting, you’ve come to the right place. At eplighting, we provide a selection of premium LED downlights for your premises. Simply view our product range, or speak with one of our friendly staff to pick the perfect lights for you.

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