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What LED Light Suits Your Personality?


Everyone has their own unique personality. It’s as individual as your fingerprint; it defines you and tells people your life story, your moral code and where you see yourself in the world. Even if you’re the shy, retiring type, it still speaks volumes about your personality. Why, then, do you stick with the boring lights your home came with, or what was on sale at your local lighting store – why not pick the LED lights that suit your personality? Get out there, shop around and make a statement with your LED lighting!

What LED Light Suits Your Personality?

That’s all well and good, you say, but how does one do that, exactly? The first step is to ask people what your personality is:

  • brash, outgoing, daring, tells-it-like-it-is
  • quiet, reserved, thoughtful, deliberate and practical
  • rushes into situations, guns blazing
  • sits and plans before making a decision.

While we won’t delve into the theories of personality, suffice it to say that our personality circumscribes us and determines how we act, think, feel and what we believe. Ask your nearest and dearest what your personality is (and you might be surprised that you’re not as “you” as you think) – and pick the light that was meant for you.

The most obvious decision is cool or warm white? LED lighting comes in a range of colours, but also ‘temperatures’. The cooler temperatures are at the higher end of the Kelvin temperature scale. They’ll reflect well a cooler, calmer personality. If you’re a laid back and “I’ll do it tomorrow” kind of person, then a cooler LED light might be your best option, depending on the room it’s going into. Cooler colours also reflect neutrality, openness and clarity. Does this suit your personality? Where would you put a cooler LED light, to properly mirror who you are and what you’re trying to achieve?

If you’re a hothead, conversely, a warmer LED light (at the lower end of the Kelvin temperature scale) will demonstrate that side of your personality best. However, it could also adequately echo a homey, soothing or relaxing personality. Depending on the room it’s being utilised in, of course. In a room used to relax in, for example, or a dining room where a warm bulb will be reminiscent of a dancing candle, a warm LED light would be ideal.

An LED light that is classed as ‘daylight white’ is perfect for specific uses and is actually used in places such as hospitals and offices, where concentration is crucial. If you’re a thoughtful type who carefully considers before making a decision, or who prefers to concentrate on a single task, then this could be the LED light for you.

There are other options for LED lighting and how it can reveal (directly or indirectly) your personality. Shop around and see what you find out about yourself, and what’s available. 

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