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​The Relationship Between LED Lighting and Li Fi


It’s a sure bet that most people have heard of LED lights. They’re slowly replacing CFLs and have all but replaced incandescent bulbs. They’re safer, more energy efficient and last much longer than the older bulbs. You can use them for mood lighting, or the main source of lighting in a room. And they’re slowly becoming cheaper, making them more affordable and hence, more popular.

Using LED technology for LiFi

That’s all well and good, you might say, but what is “Li Fi” and how does Li Fi relate to the internet and LED lights? Well, if “Wi Fi” is using wireless technology to transmit data, then Li Fi is the use of light to transmit data… It is reported to be 100 times faster than Wi Fi (about a movie downloaded every second), and the humble LED light bulb can be recruited to help the data along its way. Research says it is more secure and less prone to interference, and when coupled with LED lights, it stands to reason that it would also be cheaper and more efficient.

Still in its early stages of development, Li Fi relies on an LED bulb to switch on and off at incredibly fast rates to communicate data, hence why it’s more secure – light can’t travel around corners and through walls. That’s also its drawback – it can’t travel between rooms, meaning in some cases Wi Fi is still superior and won’t be replaced any time soon. This also applies to outside areas – LED light can’t compete with sunlight, so Wi Fi will still be the internet option of choice for those in the local fast food car park.

Li Fi and LED lights together make a powerful combination:

  • No bandwidth pressure
  • It will enable the Internet of Things (IoT)
  • No more health concerns associated with Wi Fi technology
  • Less interference
  • More security
  • High density coverage

Li Fi as an internet connection is cheaper (think: no cables, plus the visible light spectrum is readily available) and can be retrofitted to existing devices at very little cost. Li Fi is capable of being utilised in water, unlike Wi Fi.

While the days of homes and offices purely using Li Fi as their internet data connection are still a little way off, the technology is already here and being developed at a rapid pace. LED lights and Li Fi will revolutionise the way we communicate. 

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