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The Demand for LED Lighting is on the Rise


There’s no doubt that there is an increasing requirement for more efficient lighting, such as LED lights. The older, traditional light bulbs (think of the pear-shaped bulbs we all grew up with) waste up to 90% of the electricity they need, with most of it given out as heat. Newer LED lights utilise the majority of the electricity they demand, meaning there’s less heat and less waste; consumers are clamouring for LED lighting in an effort to be more environmentally friendly and cost effective, driving demand and production. Coupled with this, an increase in construction worldwide has meant a need for more LED lights – and the manufacturing of them to keep up with rising demand is big business.

Minimise carbon footprints with LED lighting

While it may be true that the initial cost of purchasing LED lighting systems for both new and existing infrastructure can be pricey, commercial and industrial interests are the largest market for newer lighting technologies. We know the pockets of these fields are deep and while they’re willing to spend big money to save in the long term, the everyday consumer can save money, too.

Combined with government incentives internationally to minimise carbon footprints, the need for LED lighting is mounting.

Studies are available on this remarkable trend, breaking data down to details as small as what kind of lighting (ceiling, wall, portable, recessed), world geography (North America, Asia) and where the LED lights will be used (residential, commercial etc.). Companies and their individual market shares are also documented. If you’re interested the research is available, and can make for remarkable reading.

What does this mean for our valued customers?

  • LED lighting is only going to become cheaper as research continues
  • Technology will improve, leading to
  • More energy efficient systems and
  • Greater range and availability.

While some may think research in general is boring and irrelevant, it can lead to great improvements and benefits to the general public and the average consumer. If you’ve decided to make the move to LED lighting in your home or business, talk with us today about how we can help you save money now, and in the long run.





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