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​The Best Lighting for Artwork in Your Home


There’s little point in having beautiful works of art in your home unless it’s out on show for you to enjoy. And there’s little point in having those artworks hanging on your wall or sitting on a pedestal if they’re not lit correctly – either by lighting that’s too drab and dull, or the wrong kind of lighting that will potentially damage the art or cause it to look downright awful. Specialised lighting solutions for art or pictures in your home needn’t cost too much, but they should be the right type.

Lighting your artwork with LED bulbs

When selecting LED picture lights, aim for a brightness about three times that of the general lighting in your home. The lighting for your artwork must highlight the subtle nuances of any form of art – two-dimensional paintings to three-dimensional sculptures. If the lighting is too low, your art will blend into the background. Too harsh and any delicate distinctions will be blown out.

You want the lighting to pick up elusive shadows or tricks of the light and not wash them out completely. Placement of the light bulbs too will cause shadows to play in the right places. Think and experiment – will floor LED lights cause dramatic shading on the ceiling, or should the lights hang from the roof and create areas of light and shade on the floor where you tread? Will the art lend itself to having light bulbs placed within it (in the case of a sculpture, for example)? You may want to consult a specialised lighting solution expert and have them give their advice (but remember, it’s really only their opinion).

LED lighting is perfect for highlighting the sensual nature of art; you can have it on almost all the time and it:

  • Won’t generate much heat, burning fingers or damaging art
  • Won’t waste much electricity
  • Won’t need replacing much at all
  • Can be dimmed, to create the perfect shade of brightness for your particular piece of art.

Creating the right environment for your art begins with the best kind of  specialised lighting solutions. Take the time to select the right LED picture lights and enjoy art for all it should be. 

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