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The Best Bathroom Lighting Ideas


It’s the place where most of us do all our deepest thinking; where decisions are made and battles fought and lost. It’s where mums seek solace and two or three minutes’ peace, where dads read the Sunday papers, and where toddlers earn bewildering applause and stickers. The bathroom, with its shiny chrome and marble, porcelain and ceramic, is a place that warrants proper lighting, whether it be to apply makeup, not miss a hair while shaving, or simply give us the “on-stage” feel while belting out a tune in the shower. Lighting your bathroom is a big deal, and the smallest room in the house deserves the biggest and best in LED lights.

LED bathroom lighting

Things to bear in mind when considering lighting your bathroom include:

  • Building or council restrictions in your local area
  • Safety – don’t have leads or switches where they can be splashed by water
  • Don’t have lighting fixtures that can be reached from inside a shower or tub
  • Ensure a new lighting fixture’s wiring is placed away from pipes.

Lighting ideas for the bathroom don’t come easy, after all it’s a room we simply take advantage of several times a day. But why shouldn’t we spend some time pondering bathroom lighting, instead of life’s biggest mysteries, while we’re there? Have a look at your bathroom’s style, and begin to picture what a matching light might look like. If your bathroom doesn’t yet have a style, then spend some time thinking of what you might like it to look like, and what lighting would work best (or, pick your favourite light and work your bathroom around that).

If your bathroom is smaller, strategically placing mirrors and LED lights will open the space more. Is there room for a larger window to capture more natural light, or a sky light? Of course a larger bathroom can afford to be lavish, and you could throw in a floor light or two, and matching  ceiling LED lights. If you choose to have fabric, ensure there is adequate ventilation so they don’t develop mould, or be prepared to wash them frequently. Rows of hidden LED lights give illumination without obvious bulbs; you can hide them behind the bottom of a tiled false wall and stop the wall just above a basin. Think, too, about the bathroom itself: is it naturally a hot room (closed in, little ventilation to allow steam to escape) or does it lend itself to being open and airy? Select lighting to counter the environment, if it is not comfortable and relaxing. A bathroom that’s always on the cool side might benefit from a warm bulb.

Give your bathroom a makeover with just new lighting, and notice the difference. 

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