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The Advantages & Benefits of LED Lights


As with any new technology, there are those nay-sayers who will espouse the evils of that they don’t understand. They’ll pooh-pooh any research promoting the new idea, and stick religiously to their way of doing things. If you’ve decided to convert your home or office to LED lighting, read on to learn more about the benefit of LED lights and how you can save money using the latest in eco LED lighting.

The benefits of using LED light

When compared with standard, traditional bulbs, LED bulbs are cheaper to run. Less electricity is used to heat the wire (part of the light-producing mechanism in older globes) and so most of the electricity used goes towards producing the light. In fact, a standard halogen bulb uses only 10% of the electricity to produce light! If you’re after the best in eco lighting, LEDs are the answer. This also means they produce far less heat in general, so on a hot summer’s night you can still light your room and even turn down the air conditioner. They’re safer to handle as they rarely get too hot to touch, and they’re safe to install. They can even be used outside in the elements!

The newer compact fluorescent bulbs contain dangerous chemicals, despite boasting a longer life than incandescent light bulbs. LED lights contain no dangerous chemicals such as mercury. They also produce far less harmful gases and almost no UV light. You can recycle practically every part of an LED light.

LEDs have other benefits, such as:

  • LEDs are durable – no flimsy wire and glass globe
  • They’re small, perfect for tight spaces and projects requiring hidden illumination
  • They last much longer than standard lights. If you turn an LED light on and leave it running, it’ll go for about 11 years. Standard use of eight hours a day will see you needing to replace your light in about 20 years.
  • LED lights don’t fade or flicker – they turn on at their maximum capacity instantly.
  • And, they turn off just as fast. This means you don’t need backup lighting and energy isn’t wasted while you wait for the light to be strong enough to actually use it.
  • They’re also perfect, therefore, for industrial use (think traffic lights, brake lights and road signs).

There are more advantages to LED lights than we can count. View our range of LED lighting products and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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