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The Most Cost Effective Lighting Solutions


Being cost effective and environmentally friendly with your lighting needn’t mean living in the dark. There are ways of lighting your home and work spaces without spending a fortune. Lighting solutions abound, and they can be simple to install and easy to run. If you need extra help with purchasing a lighting solution, or installing one in your home or workplace, then speak to the experts for friendly advice.

Cost Effective LED Lighting Solutions

Energy saving light bulbs aren’t the costly option they once were if you wanted to lower your lighting bill. It used to be that in order to spend less on your utilities, you had to outlay a fortune for globes that didn’t last very long and were, ultimately, bad for the environment. For the latest in looks and efficiency, LED is the best choice.

LED globes can utilise up to 80% (in some cases, more) less power than the older halogen downlights. You don’t have to give up the traditional look though, if a ‘globe’ is what you’re after. There are LED globes that look like the real deal, and they’re even dimmable, meaning you can have as little or as much light as you want. If you’d prefer a more modern lighting solution, consider replacing your tired lights with flush-mounted “Luminaire” fittings and enjoy a streamlined appearance for your ceiling. Most lighting solutions such as these can be fitted by the average DIY-er, although we’re not suggesting DIY-ers are average! We think its better, not to mention cheaper, for a fast weekend job if your lighting solution can be done without a tradesman.

If your home or office lighting system is hardwired, though, it’s best to seek professional help. It is not only safer, but the legal way to do things. Some flush mounted lights can be done by a handyman, however it’s always best to check. For the ultimate in contemporary looks that can be fitted without upgrading your transformer or fitting, there is available a “Plug and Play” options. Similar in appearance to the older halogen downlights, the newer globes give you the option of dimmer switches.

How are these new options cost effective? The lower power requirements mean a huge energy saving when compared to traditional models. We’ve calculated it to be about $27 a year per globe. Take a quick count of the globes in your home or workplace and you’ll soon see the benefit. And being available in either warm or cool white means you can change the atmosphere of your rooms to suit the seasons or your decor.

Cost effective lighting solutions needn’t cost the earth, either in terms of money or the environment. Energy saving light bulbs are cheaper to buy and run, easy to install, and come in a range of options to suit you, your budget and your tastes. Take a look today.

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