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Lighting Tips When Renovating Your Home


Have you made the decision to renovate your home? Whether you intentionally bought a doer-upper or your established home needs a pick-me-up, renovating your home is an exciting and time-consuming activity that needs preparation and planning. When plotting what your home needs, home lighting renovation should incorporate eco home lighting – read on for some energy-saving tips and save money not only in the short term, but over time, too.

Choosing lights when renovating your home

While you pop down to the hardware for the paint and drop sheets, spend some time pricing LED lighting for the common areas in your home; halls, living rooms, the kitchen and laundry can easily be converted with a new light, bringing more light into the room and transforming a dry, functional area into a part of your home that’s useful and aesthetically pleasing. Similarly, bedroom lighting can benefit from a refresh. LED lights with dimmer switches attached can result in a room that’s perfect for restful sleep as well as being practical and efficient.

Energy saving tips at home can help you save money now and into the future; LED lights are not only cool to touch, but utilise most of the electricity they require. As opposed to the old-fashioned pear-shaped bulbs, that waste up to 90% of the power they draw, LED lights’ technology mean you use less electricity. This ultimately means you save money, which is great for DIYers and home renovators. Imagine how much more you can do with the money you save!

Other ways you can use eco home lighting to help save you money, and the environment:

  • You won’t need to turn on your air conditioning as LED bulbs are generally cooler to touch (and won’t heat up a room)
  • Less waste, as bulbs last longer
  • Less toxic chemicals released into groundfill at the tip
  • Lights come on almost immediately – no wasting power while they become bright enough to do what they’re meant to do – provide light.

By revamp your home lighting as you renovate your home, you can not only save money but also help protect the environment. In the long run, everyone benefits with a few energy saving tips. Speak with our friendly staff today about how you can overhaul your home lighting.

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