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Lighting Ideas for Kids’ Rooms


If you have children, then you’d know the habits they have: dumping stripped-off shoes and socks in the hall, leaving dirty dishes lying around and picking their noses when company is over. They also turn lights on (and sometimes off, and on, and off again) and rarely turn them off when they’ve left the room. Bedroom lighting is a victim, with the switch just reachable if they climb up something... and then we’re all treated to a disco of the ceiling light variety. We can’t do much about the light switches in our kids’ rooms; however we can make it more economical and cost effective by installing LED lights.

You can utilise LED lights in your kids’ rooms and create a themed world they’d be happy to fall asleep in:

  • A string of LED lights with flowers, fairies or pirates
  • A lamp shade and base to compliment any decor
  • Match a manchester theme (think superheroes or princesses) with desk lamps – you can even make your own shade with matching fabric
  • Ceiling lights that combine a pendant (imagine a ship, or castle), illuminated from within.

There are plenty of themes, and the best judge of what to base the bedroom lighting ideas on will come from your kids themselves. Plus, LED lights are cool to touch so you can create your own lights with almost any materials. Fluffy clouds? Origami shapes? Wooden letters (with LED lighting through drilled holes)? Easy!

And LED lights are better for your children for the following reasons:

  • Cool to touch
  • Economical (remember when your parents told you not to waste electricity by turning the lights on and off?) means they can leave the light on day and night, with minimal increases in your bills
  • Come in a range of colours
  • And even with dimmer switches
  • No toxic gases
  • Better for the environment.

Kids’ rooms are easy to illuminate, with a little imagination and some LED lights, bedroom lighting has never been easier. 

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