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Innovative ways to use LED lights

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By now we should all have been exposed at some stage to LED lighting and its many benefits. They have plenty of advantages over the humble CFL and incandescent bulb, and their uses are becoming more apparent – particularly when you visit one of the various websites you can find teaching arts and crafts, and promoting ideas on how to use simple household items in new and different ways. Count among those ideas how you can utilise the humble LED light in innovative ways to bring life to ordinary, functional items.

LED lighting can be both a decoration and a safety device. When paired with a staircase, they can illuminate your way as well as highlight form and function. Run a string of LED lights under the handrail or bannister to shine a soft light, or make it a feature in itself by running them behind a panel cut into the wall. For a more contemporary look, choose stairs made from thick Perspex slabs and have the LED lights running up a steel support. Swap them out at Christmas time for festive, twinkly lights and bring the holiday lighting craze inside.

Mason jars are all the rage at the moment; team a few of several sizes with LED lights bunched up inside them (a small hole drilled at the bottom of the jar will enable you to close the lid and still plug in the lights). The added bonus is that they double as actual lights if used to decorate a table. Place several along the length of a long outdoor dining table for added effect, dropping the cords through the wooden planks for safety and aesthetics.

Grab some old wood and wind the LED string along the branches. Collect different kinds of wood from holidays and other special outdoor occasions, or purchase some ‘tortured willow’ from home furnishing stores. Paint the branches to match your décor – you can then change it as you change your room’s theme and style.

There are many other ways you can use LED lights to decorate your home, without spending too much along the way:

  • Collect decorative bottles and use them in the same way you’d use a mason jar
  • Hang old umbrellas upside down and run LED lighting along the ribs
  • Hang on to old sheer curtains and drape LED lights along the length for romance and mood
  • If you’re crafty, crochet an LED rope into a floor mat
  • Use clear toy building bricks to make a hollow rectangle box and fill with LED lights

LED lights can be used in many innovative ways – how many more can you think of?

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