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​How do I make the transition to LED lights in my home?

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How do I make the transition to LED lights in my home?

Have you recently decided to make the switch from the older, traditional light bulbs to the newer LED bulbs and lamps? What factors led you to make the change – was it:

  • The fact that LED bulbs use less than 10% of the electricity an incandescent bulb uses, and half the electricity a CFL bulb requires
  • The fact that one LED bulb will last as long as 50 incandescent bulbs
  • Both these reasons mean a huge positive impact on the environment (plus less toxic waste when you eventually do dispose of them)
  • LED bulbs are always cooler to touch, preventing little (and big!) fingers from being burned
  • LED bulbs turn on instantly, off just as quickly, and come in a range of colours and dimmable varieties

Whatever the reason, if you’re swapping to LED in your home or business, you’re making the right choice. LED is the brighter, more efficient and environmentally-friendly way of the future. But they can still be a little on the expensive side, so how do you make the change without damaging the back pocket?

Make a list of your requirements. Do you want ‘daylight’, warm, or cool temperature LED bulbs? Focussed or diffuse? Bright or softly-lit (find yourself a chart online and work out the comparisons – a standard 25W bulb is equivalent to about 4W in an LED)? Budget? Don’t forget how many bulbs you’ll actually need. Don’t worry about needing too many spares, as LED bulbs are hardy and last 50,000 hours or more, so you won’t need to replace one for a long while.

Something else to consider is whether you want to replace every non-LED bulb immediately, whether they’re working or not, or if you would be better off buying as you need to replace your existing bulbs. If the initial outlay is too much, then slowly replacing your lighting will suit you better. And if you’re like some people, you won’t want to waste a perfectly good bulb (although you’ll be making savings as soon as you replace it with an LED).

When you have your list, shop around. Remember, though, cheaper isn’t necessarily better, and neither are the most expensive. Go with a known brand from a reputable supplier, and don’t feel bad for asking questions. It’s a big investment, so you’ll want the best you can afford. 

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