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GE Making Its Mark on the Lighting World


In bold news, GE will stop production of the now-commonplace CFL bulbs and will turn its attention to the LED bulb. Compact fluorescent lamps, or CFLs, are the bulbs we’re all used to seeing once they replaced the traditional pear-shaped bulb from times long gone. CFLs are short spiral-shapes tubes (or, longer u-shaped tubes) that took the world by storm some years ago. Touted as more environmentally-friendly and less expensive than the traditional incandescent bulbs, they’ve since fallen out of favour. LED lights, however, are more than ready to step up to the plate and take their place in the annals of lighting history.

Switching to LED lights

GE announced their change and stated that the price of LED lights has come down, making them more affordable – along with all their other benefits. Benefits such as:

  • Lasting up to about 50,000 hours or more
  • Instantly on and off
  • Being safer – cooler to touch
  • Use up to 90% less energy than incandescent and 30% less than CFLs
  • They now come in dimmable options
  • No toxic chemicals

GE state that they’ve invested in new technology – bulbs that can adjust to the time of the day, saving you more in energy and money. Bulbs exist with WiFi antennas, and plans are afoot to create LED lights with sensors, enabling the entire home to be a ‘smart house’. Soon to be launched are a range of home automation devices, including LED lights, allowing customers to control their home environment, via Bluetooth. Further, they’re introducing a range of lights that will adjust their colour temperature, alluding to the suggestion that this will lead to better sleep as our melatonin changes with them. You can also change your environment to suit your activity. Need to concentrate on work? More bright white light. Want a little mood lighting on a cold winter’s eve? Bring on the warm white.

While some may wonder why GE has ditched what is still a popular choice for consumers, many will know the true advantages are with LED lights. Make the switch today and see why countless customers have already done just that. 

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