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EPLighting: Doing Its Bit for Climate Change


Whether you believe in it or not, climate change politics is here and it’s here to stay. With the world recently focussing on Paris and the leaders’ conference there, the reduction of greenhouse gasses they’ve agreed on will impact everyone in the long run – and why shouldn’t it? Don’t we all want to live on a healthier planet, not to mention one we can pass down to our grandchildren?

Climate  change & greenhouse gas reduction

Two hundred countries came together in France’s capital and took two weeks to agree on one thing: we need to do something about the environment and the impact we’re having on it by way of emissions such as carbon dioxide. Closer to home, though, and the average Australian feels the same way.

  • 69% feel that we can’t ignore climate change
  • 59% think we should be a world leader in climate change efforts
  • 70% agree that climate change is a real thing
  • 89% think that people are partly to blame.

The figures show people want to help… The trouble is, many just don’t know how they can help.

So what can the ordinary Australian do? How can they – we – impact climate change in a positive way and leave a greener, cleaner planet for future generations?

Starting small is a great first step and like any change, if we start small and work our way up, we’ll make changes that stick. Replacing old, traditional lightbulbs for  energy-efficient LED lighting is a great way householders can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The lightbulbs we grew up with waste about 80-90% of the electricity they need, and less electricity required means less requirement for coal plants. And with 72% of us feeling that we need to slowly close down these power plants and 71% agreeing that in time, coal plants will need to be replaced, the requirement for alternate energy forms such as wind and solar will increase. In fact, 65% think that we need to invest more into alternate forms of energy.

By making a small change such as converting your home or business to an LED-lit building, you’ll also reduce the amount of toxic particles being released into the environment (chemicals such as mercury, found in some bulbs). There are other benefits to LED lighting, too. Why don’t you give us a call – we’d be happy to chat about the advantages of LED lights, advantages such as:

  • Always cool to touch
  • Come on immediately – no waiting for them to warm up
  • Dimmable.

EPLighting are proud to be doing our bit for the environment and we’d love to help you do your bit, too. Talk to us today

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