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5 Tips to Use LED Lighting for Decoration


While it’s true that some may want a house like Clark W. Griswold’s on Christmas eve, LED lighting can be used more subtly to decorate a home. Decorating with LED lights can make or break a home, yes, so take some of these tips on LED light decorations and beautify your home, without draining your suburb’s electricity.

Christmas nowadays is the more obvious season for decking your home in more than holly. People have an unconscious competition with both themselves, and everyone else in the immediate neighbourhood, going bigger and brighter each year. And while LED lights abound in the form of Santas climbing chimneys, reindeer eating grass and doves flapping wings, LED lights on a more understated level can be used to bring a holiday warmth – or, in the case for us Australians – coolness. Go for LED lights in the cooler end of the Kelvin spectrum, and beat the Christmas heat. Although if you want a warm summer’s day to scream at the passers-by, then amongst your red candy canes and orange flickering lanterns, sprinkle some warm white LED bulbs. We find that tiny fairy lights can sometimes do more, however, and won’t blind those working on the International Space Station.

Birthdays and other celebrations can also be used as an excuse to begin decorating with LED lights. Today’s equivalent of the old coloured light bulbs on a wire are LED rope lights, and they can be used year-round for parties and functions. They can be used in a multitude of ways:

  • Wind them neatly around pillars and posts
  • Run them around guttering for a pretty, simple LED-led adornment
  • Smaller fairy lights placed randomly around a yard will flicker and twinkle, bringing romance and whimsy to any event.

Run your LED lights behind cut outs made from metal or laser-cut wood. The light will shine out and silhouette the shapes. If you DIY, you can make the shapes suit your celebration – a first birthday? Baptism? Graduation? Any event can be made even more special with matching cut outs and LED lights.

Use LED lighting ideas to bring a special touch to outdoor areas such as pools and ponds: an imitation LED candle can be placed on something that floats (make your own origami boats or flowers) and set to glide across the water’s surface for a pretty and low-cost embellishment.

No, decorating with LED lights needn’t be expensive. LED lights are cheaper to run that traditional bulbs, last longer and (most importantly when you’re having people over) are safe – they barely generate heat and are cool to touch. Use your imagination and give it a go for your next get-together. 

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